Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome Home!

And welcome internet connection! No, really. The Charter guy left not 20 minutes ago and I'm already typing up a post. I have wanted to share pictures of our new house for weeks! We closed on the house at the end of February and have officially been staying here for two weeks today. And we are loving it! I'm so glad the majority of the moving business is done but we still have lots to do around here before it starts to feel like "ours".

Despite the chaos of unpacking, we have managed to tackle a few projects already and I will definitely be sharing those soon! Baby Girl will be here in just a few weeks so we are busying ourselves like crazy to get things ready before our sweet gal makes her appearance.

So in an effort to get this post actually up before my little guy awakens from nap, I will cut the chit chat and show the "Before" photos of the house which were taken the day we moved in. More details on what we plan to do in each room to come soon! I apologize in advance for the poor quality in pictures. It was getting dark when I took them so the lighting definitely wasn't at its best.

Our House! Okay, technically this picture of the outside was taken before our closing so it wasn't ours quite yet but the rest are from after closing :)

Oh and can I just say that the previous owners were FANTASTIC. The home was FSBO so we worked directly with them and it was such a pleasure. They even left us oodles of stuff. Some of which you will see in the pictures and I will point them out in later posts as well.
The foyer from the front door

The Dining Room to the right of the foyer

The office to the left of the foyer and front door. 

The living room (the paneling is one of our favorite things!)

The Master Bedroom on the Main Level. We are actually using this room as a playroom and staying upstairs in an extra room until our kids are bigger.

Master Bathroom. Yes, we are still using this bathroom to get ready in. There is a walk-in closet in here as well but no picture.

The kitchen

From the side door entrance off the kitchen

Laundry Room

Half Bath

My Pantry!

Pajama stairs from the kitchen

Landing/nook area at top of stairs

Hallway of upstairs

Our little man's room

Our room

Bonus space off our room

Full bath upstairs

Baby Girl's room

Wow, that was a ton of pictures. I haven't made any of the back porch and backyard which was a huge selling point to us. We absolutely love it out there. Another post on that later, promise! We are super excited about our new home and I can't wait to share our projects as we tackle them one at a time...or maybe a few at a time :) 
Stay tuned!
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