Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Mantels

Ahh, spring is in there air...or it was anyway. It rained pretty much all last week and the temp was freezing in the 40's and 50's. We were spoiled by those warm sunny days over the last few weeks. What a tease. Oh well. That's Alabama weather for ya. We did end up with a beautiful sunny weekend but alas, rain is back in the forecast tomorrow...

Despite the craziness in the weather, I'm completely in spring mode around here and finally finished up my spring mantel in the dining room. It's the one mantel I have that I really enjoy changing and decorating. The living room mantel is dominated by the Direct TV box and DVD player...except of course for my newly updated frame and candlestick :) And I have one small decorative area on the other side of that mantel sporting some fresh spring decor. I'll show you that too. But honestly now, why must those cable boxes be so large? You would think they could make them a little smaller...I'm dealing with the same issue in our bedroom. Ah, but I digress.

On to the mantel.

Before I show you the dining room mantel, here's that shot of the living room mantel mentioned above. It wanted to show it's poof of spring too :) And in case you are wondering, we have a doubled sided fireplace, one side in the living room and the other in the dining, thus the two mantels.

I picked up the little Blossom planter at Michael's on sale for about $4.00. The moss I had on hand and I dropped in a few moss stones from the Dollar Tree - heck yeah! They have a whole section of floral stuff so I stocked up on some goodies. Then I put a few faux hydrangeas in a mason jar, all on hand. And poof! a little spritz of spring.

And for a little reminder on the other side.

Now for the Dining Room side.

Here's a Before picture with my winter scheme.

And now for the spring! I totally love my trio of empty frames so they will probably be around a little while. I may move them elsewhere eventually but I just love how they look here. I spray painted the two blue frames (both from the thrift store) with some textured blue spray paint I got on clearance at Michael's. The brown frame I bought on clearance at Michael's for $5.00. I painted these before my blog debut so no process pics. Sorry!

The glass vase was bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $4.00 and the yellow stems were $1.99 and then half off. So all three for $3.00. 

The little green planter box was purchased at Michael's for about $5.00. I bought small twiggy wreaths at Hobby Lobby for the "nest" for like $2.00 and I also bought the eggs there. It was a pack full of like 8 eggs and I believe they were about $2.00 for the pack. I added more of those moss stones underneath the nest to give it some lift.

I bought the glass pitcher a few months ago at a thrift store for $4.00 and I love this piece! I sat it on top of an old hymnal that I picked up at the same thrift store for a buck or two. The other book is a Jesus Freak book that we already owned. It has awesome frayed edges. Love my Jesus! And that little birdie there I picked up at Hobby Lobby when they first started putting out spring stuff. He was about $4.00 because none of the spring decor was on sale yet. I went back about a week ago and they have no more birds! Sad. I wanted another one.

My biggest splurge was the birdcage. I have always wanted one of these and I fell in LOVE with this one when I stumbled on to it at TJ Maxx. He was $16.99 which is still a good price for such a pretty piece. 

One more look at the whole view.

Thanks for stopping by - hope you enjoyed my little taste of spring!

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