Thursday, January 6, 2011

Laundry Closet Makeover

Yes...laundry closet, not room. Oh how I long for a laundry room. Hubby and I have lived in two homes since our nuptials and neither have had the oh so desired laundry room. It's definitely on the requirement list for the next house we buy.

Since we are going to put our house up for sale soon, I wanted to give our little LC some love and attempt to show future buyers that it can be attractive and useful despite its close quarters :)

I didn't want to spend any money since we have a lot of other projects to work on around the house so I went hunting for things I had lying around.

The lovely before picture
 First off, I de-cluttered...which was a big part of the messy LC. I took out the majority of the bazillion hangers and removed all of the overstocked food. I used to have this full of canned goods but I cleared out a cabinet in the kitchen for those, thank goodness. A few baskets and some accessories and my sweet lil LC looks tons better!

And After!

I found this washboard at my Mom and Dad's house, gathering dust in their basement. I thought it was perfect for my shelf. I added some clothespins to a mason jar and set the corner off with a little bouquet I had on hand.
I had this canvas tote in my son's closet holding extra lotions/shampoo so I found another home for those and stuffed this one full of Laundry essentials...Tide spray, air freshener, those little water spout things for the iron, etc. I also made a cute label from my brand new Silhouette I got for Christmas - yahoo!!!

I pulled out this shallow brown bowl I had and added rolled up hand towels.

I also put my dryer sheets in this little planter I got from Southern Living several years ago. 

I have two beautiful hand-made pillowcases that someone made us when we got married and I have never used them. I hung one of them up in the LC to hide some of the ugly wiring, my plastic bag holder and my hand held Shark.

The little laundry plaques were a gift from my Mom when we got married. They were already in the LC but you couldn't see them due to the stinkin hangers. They were a set of 3 but one needs repairing so two will just have to work for now.

And the last basket holds all of my detergents and softeners.

Overall, I think our LC looks soooooo much better and for ZERO dollars, it's okay in my book!

And one more time for your viewing pleasure :)

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