Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Making Progress

Hello World. The Mommy in the Nook is back.

Since I last posted back in March we have been busy bees around our new abode. Since our baby girl was due in April we were trying to beat the clock and get things set up around here before our little missy arrived. Then we welcomed our sweet girl on April 19th and house updates changed over to adjusting to life with a toddler and a new infant. She is now 7 1/2 weeks old and I think we have arrived at our new "normal". She fits right in with us and we love her to pieces! We once again picked up on house progress and I wanted to share a few of them. Nothing is completely finished yet but it's much better than the empty house photos in my last post!

I have lots of projects in the works and a lot that are already completed that I will share soon. Hopefully I am back for good this time!

Also, since I personally like to know where things come from when browsing other blogs, I will caption the photos with as much source info as possible.

First up is a little B & A at the front entrance. After we moved in I popped this coat rack in the corner and we just recently added the frame to the wall. Besides needing a picture for the frame I really thought a punch of color would look great on the coat rack.

Coat Rack - TJ Maxx find
Picture frame - Ikea, Virserum collection

And blue was the color of choice! I used a metallic blue by Rustoleum. I can't remember the exact name of the shade. I will try and update the post later with it. Definitely much better, right? And a new picture of our family of four completed the look :)


Remember how our foyer looked before...

And here is our Progress. We added our bombe chest that we previously owned along with a lamp and a few accessories. I want to add something to that wall as well. 

Bombe chest - Alabama Furniture Market
Lamp - Marshall's
ceramic elephant - flea market

Next up is the dining room off of the foyer. Here is how it was when we moved in.

And our Progress. We removed the existing curtains and replaced with the ones we had in our old living room. We also sold our old dining room table so we bought a new one along with an antique buffet. We need chairs and I want to replace the light fixture. The mirror was one we already owned and it was a brown metal with a scroll-ish pattern around the edge. I painted it white and didn't get every crack and crevice so it gave me the distressed look I wanted. The "boat" as I call it, on the table was black and I spray painted it aqua blue. Once again I can't remember the color but I will update the post later with it. 

Curtains and rug - West Elm
Dining Table - IO Metro
Buffet - local antique shop
Lamp - HomeGoods

Up close shot of the table and buffet. The picture frame on the left holds a photo of my grandparents when they were on their honeymoon. I used to keep it on my yellow phone bench in our old house. The bench belonged to them and it's very special to me.

White ceramic owl - Z Gallerie

Our living room is still a work in progress and I have a few more touches to add before I show the whole room. But here's a peek at it!

The Before

And here is the Progress.

Our mantel. I'm so proud of it this because it has been bare until this past weekend. Yeah, almost four months of nekkedness. I had a few things sitting on it but we didn't add the mirror until Sunday. Yay for a decorated mantel!

Mirror & Aqua picture frame - Z Gallerie
Mirrored vase & antique gold picture frame - Marshall's
Birdcage - TJ Maxx
"M" - Hobby Lobby (originally gold but painted aqua)
navy vase - Old Time Pottery (originally rust colored but painted navy)

This is the long wall on the left of the before picture. We really needed something to ground the TV since we mounted it on the wall and this media cabinet was the perfect solution. The hubs desperately wants a bigger TV to balance out the huge cabinet. I see his point but I think it's going to have to wait for now :) I have to find a good solution to hide those cords and we still need to cut a hole in the back of the cabinet so we can fit the cord of the cable box in there and house it in one of the glass cabinets.

Media Cabinet - IO Metro
Picture frames - TJ Maxx & Marhall's
Vase - Hobby Lobby
Blue DVD boxes - Walmart
Aqua box - Z Gallerie
 This last picture is taken to the left of the media cabinet. We have an identical chair on the right of the cabinet as well along with a floor lamp. I love this little corner. We just need something to hang on the wall to complete the look.

Chair & black pattern pillow - Haverty's
Navy pillow cover - Etsy
Side table - Marshall's
Lamp & yellow basket - HomeGoods
That's all for the updates today. I have a few more tweaks in the kids rooms and I will share those soon along with a few more things we have done and plans for the rest of the house. Lots to do around here!
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