Monday, March 28, 2011

Thinking Pink...In the Office

The office/craft room and little bit of play room is finally starting to pull together. I have finished a few projects for the space, including my yellow wreath and thrift store office chair. Now one more is checked off the list, a pink lamp!

You know most of us if not all went through the pink phase as a young girl and most likely had a pink room. That was definitely me. I loved pink. When my mom asked me what kind of party I wanted for my third birthday, I replied "Pink!" And that's exactly what I got...EVERYTHING was pink :) I even got a pink tricycle.

Here's a little bit of proof that Mom just sent me...excuse the busted lip, there's no telling how that one happened.

I eventually grew out of the "everything must be pink" phase and have never really used it in my home as an adult. Until now. No, it's not going to look like Pepto Bismol barfed everywhere but I'm excited to incorporate these fun pops of pink. I think the color just screams feminine and that's exactly what the majority of the space will be...except for my little P's nook. Side note: Yellow is also my accent color for this space. I love the combo!

But back to the lamp. I found this at a local flea market for $8.00. And it is huge!!! And obviously hideous as is. But she spoke to me and found her way into the back of my car. At this point I didn't know what color to paint it but I knew I wanted a bold color to make it pop.

So when I decided on my color scheme for this room I knew pink was the answer. Rust-Oleum's Berry Pink, to be more specific.

So after I got the lamp all cleaned up, I sprayed several a few coats until she was nice and glossy and PINK!

The shade it came with was not going to cut it so I went out searching for a replacement. I found one at Target and purchased it...$22.00. Is that a good price for a large lampshade? I'm kind of clueless in that area. So I'm not sure if I'm keeping it, hence the plastic still showing in the pictures. I may try to find a better deal so in the meantime, it will continue to live with it's plastic wrap.

Here she is!

Overall I am totally digging this fun lamp in my office. And if you are wondering what it is sitting on, that's just a sneak peak of my revamped credenza! It's done except I am still searching for the right drawer pulls. One was missing so I can't use the originals. I'm hoping to find them soon!

And here's a little ambience lighting for ya.

Can't wait to share more of the space soon!

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  1. I found a lamp last week at the thrift store that is shaped a lot like yours and it is also HUGE! I have to have it rewired and there's that little issue of where on earth will I put this thing when I'm done... lol

    I'm not a big "pink" fan, but it's really starting to grow on me and I love that color you chose. I may have to figure out what I can spray paint that color ;)

  2. Love the color, its so bold and unexpected. I have pink in the new drapes in the kitchen with a touch of yellow. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I'm sure you will find just the perfect spot, Katie! I'm sure it was too good of a deal to pass up. I worry about the placement later, ha ha.

    Thanks Jane! I'm smitten with this color.

    Thank you QueenBee! I just checked out your new kitchen and it is lovely!!

  4. i'm a pink lover and you did a fab job on the lamp! loving the result! i adore it!

  5. Love it! It's the perfect shade, so fun :)

  6. that is some crazy pink! i love it! so fun and retro. thanks for linking this to my party!

  7. I would have never thought to use that color but it looks amazing! I'm here from Kim's party and I'm your newest follower.

  8. I wouldn't have pictured that ahead of time but it looks lovely.

  9. You did a great job! I love it! I just spray painted (and blogged about) a mirror I did but I didn't go colorful with it. Now I'm thinking I might spray paint it again! Especially since the mirror fell out of the frame and crashed on top of the toilet yesterday DURING a showing with potential buyers for our house. Hope that didn't scare them off! haha! At least the mirror didn't break and bring us all bad luck.

  10. I love this!!!
    What a great was the perfect choice!!
    Pamela :)

  11. Great color choice! I just did a headboard in pink! cute blog girlie!

  12. This is such a great transformation. Way to make something old & out-dated cool again!

    Warmly, Michelle

  13. Wow- love the color you chose and how this turned out!! Great job!! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  14. I love it! It has such a fabulous retro feel to it and we are so glad that you linked it up to Inspiration Friday this week!

  15. It is "berry" nice!!! I love the way it turned out!!! Visiting from Domestically Speaking...have a great week!