Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bold & Gold in the Foyer

One of the areas of our home I just tackled in the last couple of weeks is our foyer. Why not start the blog back with right inside the front door?

Here is the shot from move in day, Feb 2012.

Here is what it looked like when I last posted. After moving in, we basically just plopped our bombe chest down in the middle of the foyer wall, threw a few things on top and called it a day...or a year.

I know, how drab does the chest look? Admittedly, the picture itself is dark so it makes the chest darker but whatevs, it was still drabby :) We bought that piece about a year after we got married for our second home because I had to have a bombe chest. I saw one for the first time at a model home and fell in love with the shape. So when we spotted this one about 7 years ago, it came home with us.

I was never crazy about the color or the painted flowers but hey, I was a newlywed with a small budget. I wasn't too picky.

Over the years though my tastes have changed and when we moved into this house, I knew I wanted to paint this a bright bold color to pop off the neutral surroundings.

And about a year and a half later, I did just that.

Here is our after shot of the painted bombe and revamped foyer area. Deets below. I apologize for the picture being a little blown out.

As for the bombe, we painted it with Behr's Peacock Feather and I cleaned up and polished the original hardware with Brasso and then went over it with Rub'n Buff. Brasso works great but they were still a little too dark but the Rub'n Buff made them nice and bright and gold. On top I added a new lamp from HomeGoods and a few accessories. The vase is from the thrift store and I got the inspiration for the painted gold stripes from Kate over at Centsational Girl

One thing I decided would look better was to shift the bombe down slightly and add another little cute nook beside it. The mirror and chair worked perfectly. The gold mirror was a thrift store find that I cleaned and went over with Rub'n Buff.

The chair is one you might remember from this makeover and was originally in my office/craft room. I've had plans to recover it for a while now and this was finally an excuse to get it done. I had planned to paint the chair kelly green to go with this navy striped fabric but I'm afraid it might be overkill next to the peacock blue bombe. I'm still thinking about it though...I just bought another chair from the thrift store yesterday to replace this one in the office so it may be turning green instead. As for the gold detail, I painted it with Gold Leaf paint. It took several coats but worked like a charm. 

Of course we need the side by side before and after too.

And just for fun, another Before & After from move in day to now.

Feeling like home :)

One other quick source. The rugs are these runners from West Elm that we scored on sale.

Let's cross our fingers I will be back SOON with another post :)

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Remember Me?

Okay, I have no idea why I haven't posted anything in almost a year. Oh wait, I had a new baby and the extra time to blog somehow disappeared. Life with two kids is much busier! I'm really really hoping I can get the blog up and going again as I have so much to share! We have completed lots of projects around the house and hopefully I can start posting about them soon.

Wish me luck!

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