Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yarn Wreath

I feel like I've become a little obsessed with my new found love of yarn. It's just so soft and cozy! And as I sit typing I am looking out at our ice and snow covered yard...warmth and coziness is a MUST right now.

Here in the deep South we aren't used to all this frozen stuff so we've all been closed up in our houses...going on 4 days for us. Ah! However, the sun is out today so hopefully we can get some heat to melt away the claustrophobia.

So if you are in need of some coziness too, here is a great yarn wreath to make you feel all warm inside. In my quest to find some wreath ideas using yarn, I found this one over at Take Heart. Danielle has a great tutorial so be sure to check hers out too!

You will need:
Straw wreath - size depends on how large you want your wreath
Yarn of your color choice
Felt for Flowers- I used felt sheets from Hobby Lobby and Michael's. They are about $.29 each. I got two different colors
Hot glue

Leave the plastic wrapping over the wreath or you will have a huge mess on your hands. Next, turn on the TV and get comfortable. The next step is the longest part.

Side Note: This is a perfect naptime project. 

Wrap the first part of your yarn and tie it off or hot glue to secure. Then you will tightly wrap the yarn round and round and get the idea. The easiest way to do it is to keep wrapping your whole ball of yarn around and through the middle. It's annoying but I think its better than having a million separate strands of yarn.
Almost through wrapping

Too overseeing my work

Done wrapping. You will not be able to get it perfectly lined up.
I think it has character like this
 After your wreath is completely wrapped, tie it off again or secure with hot glue. I used hot glue. Now it's time to make your felt flowers.  Using your felt and cut different size circles. The bigger the circle, the bigger your flower. I did different sizes for variety. The circles do not have to be perfectly symmetrical. It makes the "petals" of your flower look more realistic if the edges are a little wavy or uneven. Once you have your circles, start at the outer edge and cut it into a spiraled strip by cutting into the circle and cutting around until you get to the middle of the circle and the all the fabric is one big strip of material. How many times did I just say circle? Lol. You will have a little piece of round fabric once you get towards the end of your strip. You will use this to secure your flower together.

Staring to cut my strip
 Begin rolling your strip back up (tightly) to start forming your flower. You can loosen it a little once you get going. It just depends on if you want more open or closed petals. Roll the entire strip and use the big piece at the end to secure underneath your flower with hot glue.

Forming the flower

Finished flower. Sorry, forgot to take a pic of the green one.
 Lastly, arrange your flowers however you like on your wreath and hot glue in place. Easy!

Flower cluster

Finished wreath!

On the door. I don't really like the look
of the wreath hanger so I may switch to ribbon.
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