Thursday, March 24, 2011


Alright, get your mind out of the gutter. This isn't that kind of blog my friends.

I'm referring to some quick thrifty makeovers that I just love. I have a huge little problem with starting too many projects at once. I can't help it. That's how my brain works. I have an idea and I want to do it then. And I simply rotate projects until they are all done :) Hubby doesn't understand my mentality but hey, it works for me.

So in the midst of some larger projects I have going on, I up and decided to tackle a few pieces to help update my spring decor. And since I hadn't used my new Oops paint in 24 hours, I was itching to break out the paint brush.

I had some TJ Max frames in my living room that were pretty but blended in with my dark walls. I was just sitting there staring at them and said "I'm going to go paint those frames" and up I went to the garage, frames in tow. Hubby is calling after me "Do you really have to paint everything in the house?" We shall see...

Both frames Before...

I used a foam brush and applied the same technique as I did on my bedroom wall plaques. I painted the larger frame with some leftover paint, Behr's Swiss Coffee. And I painted the smaller frame with my grey blue Oops paint.

In addition to the frames, I spray painted a thrift store candlestick a nice glossy white.

Here's a Before of the candlestick. $2.99!

And the After of the candlestick and the smaller blue frame. Perfect for our family beach picture :)

And the After of the larger white frame. Sorry the lighting was bad on this photo. Little P was only 9 months old here, sweet boy.

A total improvement on these little lovelies. It truly is amazing what a little paint can do. I'm hooked!
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