Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yes, another wreath. Ha! I started this a while back and just now finished it up. I apologize for my short blogging hiatus. Things have been busy around here. I have several projects that are halfway done but that doesn't make for much blogging entertainment. So I am kicking myself into gear and will hopefully have a few more posts coming this week! I have some organization projects and my first furniture revamp to reveal soon.

So back to the wreath...I have seen this coffee filter wreath all over blogland and since I am a little obsessed with wreaths I had to give it a try.

The verdict? I love it! It's cheap, simple to make and looks lovely. Can it get any better than that?

 As for your supplies, you will need a styrofoam wreath ($1 at the Dollar Tree), coffee filters (about $2.50 at Target) and hot glue. And also ribbon to hang your wreath. Oh and don't forget the kitty tail :) Nosy little booger.

I used the brown/natural filters but the white ones look great too. It just depends on the color you want. Each package of these contained 40 filters and I only used about 55 total. Mine were also more flat at the  top...not scalloped like most filters. Again, it's your preference. The scalloped filters will give the wreath a more flowery look.

It's very simple. Open you filter and "pouf" it a little bit and then hot glue around the wreath, sticking filters in as needed. Just be sure to hold the filter in place for a few seconds to be sure it secures to the wreath.

My helper gave up on me...quitter

 About a quarter of the way through.

And here she is on my mirror in the living room. I chose to add my ribbon to the wreath before it was done and secured the filters around it...some on top of it. I didn't want to have the ribbon all messy looking on top of the filters in front. I love the final result! 

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