Monday, March 7, 2011

What's in a Room?

During the four years we have lived in our home, the front bedroom has been classified as the guest room. We had a queen bed in there and a few random pieces of furniture that didn't really have a place elsewhere in the house. I didn't think much about the room. It was usually closed off because I used it for storing presents, party supplies and other miscellaneous items resulting in sort of a junk room. I would always get it fixed back up for an overnight guest...all 7 times we had someone stay over in the last four years. And the realization struck me a few weeks ago: Why am I not using this space for something else? I son had only been in that room a handful of times and he is 15 months old! I decided then and there something had to change.

Hubby and I discussed and here is the new plan. The room will be an office/craft room/small play area for our sweet P.  That's a lot rolled up into one room :)

We have already made some progress on the room and I am loving the open space. It feels like an addition on the house because we are actually using the square footage.

Here's a few Before pictures. My favorite thing in the room are the transom windows. They are also on our living room windows since both of these rooms are at the front of the house. The paint color was a standard neutral color that we picked when the house was built. Disclaimer: We only had a choice of about 6 neutrals and it was only a swatch...didn't turn out like I had hoped. It's kind of blah yellowy color and just not what I want. This color is also in our kitchen and I am DETERMINED to get it painted as well. But that's another day.

Excuse the big ole box of craft stuff
I snapped these pictures one Sunday afternoon and then we set to work taking apart the bed. Out to the garage it went. We have an unfinished upstairs area above our garage that's perfect for storing this kind of stuff. Once the bed was out of the room it made the whole space seem huge! Me: grinning like the Cheshire cat :)

My vision for the office desk was to make a desktop out of an old door and add a piece of glass to the top. But with much searching I could not find one within the price range. I found a nice wooden desktop on Ikea's website so two weeks ago we journeyed to our nearest Ikea...two hours away in Atlanta, GA. We only go once or twice a year so I got to work planning our shopping list. In addition to our desk I wanted a table and chairs to add to the office so baby boy can have a place to get creative. We also got two bookcases that were originally planned for P's closet but may end up being used in the office. A few picture frames later and we successfully completed our trip. Thank you tax return!

The following Monday I headed to Home Depot for paint. I wanted a nice neutral grey shade and decided on Behr's Gentle Rain in a flat finish.  I bought one gallon. I have used their paint before and never had such a problem as I did with this particular paint. I rolled 3 walls and was out of paint. One coat. No cutting in. And I barely finished that third wall. What the heck? The room is not that big but geez...3 walls? That's it? Back to Home Depot I went and it took nearly the whole second gallon to roll the 4th wall and put a second coat on later. Oh and I only cut in once...good grief. I may go a different route next time. But anyway, the final result turned out wonderful! I love love love the new color. What a difference a coat (or two) of paint can make.

Here's a Before of the wall again with the bookcases we bought at Ikea. I moved these to the other wall for the time being though.

And now after the Gentle Rain graced the walls. I may be painting this bookshelf white. We shall see...and those dark looking spots must be from my lens...gotta wipe that down. I removed some of my Hubby's books because he NEVER reads so I have some free space to add the rest of my books. I'm a self-admitting book nerd.

And a few more pictures of the rest of the room. Keep in mind this is a "rough draft" of furniture placement. I have more pieces to add so I know there will be lots of rearranging. 

This is our lovely wooden desktop we purchased at Ikea. It sits on top of two trestle legs that look like little sawhorses. I'm going to paint the legs and leave the top as is. I love the natural color of it. 

This is the opposite wall where P's play area will reside. There's his cute new table!

Up close of the table and chairs. I love these. Durable but lightweight and totally cute.

And little guy enjoying a book at his new table. Sweet boy.

There is still lots to do in here but we've made a great start. I bought a credenza and desk chair at the thrift store the other day...$25.00 for both pieces! More to come on those soon as well as more on the room itself. Hope you enjoy it so far!
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