Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pillow Palooza: Part 2...Tea Towel to Pillow

As promised (I know you were all anxiously awaiting) here is my next pillow!

While organizing my hall linen closet I came across this lovely tea towel I received as a hostess gift for a baby shower. I have always loved it but never used it for fear of ruining it. But what was the point in keeping it hidden away in a closet, never to be seen?

After unfolding it I realized it would be the perfect pillow!

My headless-looking assistant agreed.

I ironed the towel and then laid it back flat. I then folded the fabric over, wrong sides out.

I decided to trim some of the edges so the pillow would not be so wide. I folded over the material on each side being careful to measure equal distance between the initial in the middle. Side note: the towel itself was a little off measure to the initial hence the wider fold on the left.

Here it is pinned together (inside out of course) but the right side still had to be trimmed of the excess fabric.

Then I sewed the two pinned sides together. The top obviously did not have to be sewed since this was the fold in the fabric. 

Finally, I sewed the bottom about 3/4ths of the way closed, leaving an opening for filler.

Here it is flipped right-side out.

I filled 'er up using my usual Poly-Fil and managed to squeeze the fatty pillow into the sewing machine to finish up the last quarter of the bottom seam. 

I TOTALLY heart this pillow and I'm so glad people can actually view it now :)

Please excuse the couches. Oh how I hate the micro suede... 

Here's to digging in the closets and using what you have :)

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